June 23, 2024

Queen Ashley Adegoke Ogunwusi who is also known as Yeye Omi of the source represented her husband at the annual celebration of Osara Day, today 6th May, 2023.

In her interview, she euologised her husband, Ooni Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi CFR, Ojaja 11 as a deity who is also a Pan Africanist. Without mincing words, the supports from the House of Oduduwa so far explicates that he is truly the spiritual head of the Yoruba race, Olori Ashely said.

While granting interview with the media at the palace of the Arole Oduduwa, she educated on the historical background of Osara and the reason while people should emulate Osara.

Ashley, in her speech pointed it out that Osara, mother of Okanbi, one of the wives of Oduduwa who happened to be a friend to Olokun who was also a wife to the progenitor of Yoruba race. She narrated the strong bond between Olokun and Osara and equally implore Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of Unity for the betterment of our great country, Nigeria.

Also, the Queen of the source explicitly said Osara is known for purity and loyalty and if people can just emulate the purity and the loyalty of Osara, the deity is still right there to give children to the barren, job to the job seekers, peace to the conflict region, strength to the weak and healing to the sick.

In his own interview, Oba Isoro Isola Osunwusi, Olosara of Ife land narrated that Osara is the mother of Yoruba race because she was the one that gave birth to Okanbi who eventually procreated the race that we call Yoruba race today.

Osara was a very good friend of Olokun, therefore, for historic clarification, the popular rift that people always talk about between the duo was a normal polygamous issue which is normal but that did not make them enemies. Celebrating Osara annually is celebrating Yoruba race annually, Olosara said.

Whoever is barren and comes to worship Osara, check the records, before the following year, the person will definitely give birth and that was what happened to the children that we were bathing today. Their mothers came last year for the festival as barrens and this year, they have given birth.

Other dignitaries at the event include Sarun Oodua, Chief Oyeyemi, the Isoros of Ife and so on..

Merriments took place at the palace after the official propitiation at the Osara shrine.

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