June 21, 2024

Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina has defended Temmie Ovwasa, the former YBNL Princess over her claims and experience whiled signed to the record label. 

The Nation reported that Ovwasa had accused Pheelz of carelessly misplacing a drive that contained her unreleased album while he was still working with YBNL as a producer.

Pheelz publicly slammed her, claiming she was clout chasing with his name as he recorded 4 to 5 songs with her, warning against bringing disrespect to his name.

Defending her, Bukunmi Oluwasina warned the public to stop bullying Temmie, as she noted how Pheelz also misplaced her songs without offering her an apology.

Bukunmi concurred with Temmie that her songs were misplaced although she isn’t certain the number of songs that were misplaced.

The movie star expressed how hurt she still is over her misplaced songs as she had spent several sleepless days and nights composing the songs.

“Enough of @ybnlprincess bullying. To those saying she is chasing clouts about his her songs were misplaced.

It’s true they told her all her songs were lost. I just don’t know the numbers, or with whom each was recorded. But I can hear Witness to that.

“Cos around that period, I also had songs more than 10, recorded with ID Cabasa, under their team’s supervision. Only for them to end up telling me the same story, something happened to a hard drive/laptop. And we lost all your songs, “No remorse, no apology. Nothing. Very dehumanizing.

“Still still pains me to date. Cos I spend days and nights composing all these amazing songs. Hoping I was going to have an album soon. And sad enough, I no longer had the book I wrote all these songs in. It broke me that, even up till today, it killed my ginger of wanting to dedicate my time to making songs again.

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