February 21, 2024

As known that good road networks expose communities to civilization. Good road networks equally benefit the urban areas as goodies from the rural settlements can reach the urban in time before they perish.

This has to do with the communities in Osunjela axis as they have been calling upon the state government to assist them on the deplorable condition of their road networks. According to the representative of the communities, Mr. Olayinka, the communities said they have written to the ministry of works at Abere over this same matter in which representatives were sent to measure the road. Till now, the communities said nothing has been done.

In their efforts, they have reached out to honourable Omirin, the House of Representative member and honourable Lawal Bamidele Rasheed, the member of Osun State House of Assemble. All the efforts to get their attention and to get reasonable assistance from them proved abortive.

The communities (Oloja-Bala, Irepodun, Gidigbi and Olodo) are pleading with the state government to assist them to tar the road networks from Osunjela to Owode-Ede if they can’t make it to Osu express road.

One of the people living in the community, Mr. Aina said while talking with Oduduwa media that government should not be deceiving them to get their votes, he said this road was one of the promises made when they were campaigning and seeking for their votes. Mr. Aina passionately said, it is not good to leave them in their problem after they have fulfilled their part by casting their votes to bring them to offices.

Another dweller, Engr. Awodele pleaded with the government that they shouldn’t say that only roads which are at the town they will do, they should in their power tar their road too as all the Osun State people voted for them to be in the offices and not only people in the main town voted during the elections.

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