Nigeria in chaos because youths have failed as vision carriers — Ojogo


The President and Visionnaire of the Foundation, Believers’ Family Foundation, (BFF), Mrs Bulous Florence Ojogo has said that the country is in chaos because the youths have failed in their responsibilities as the vision carriers.

Ojogo said this at the inauguration of the foundation’s state and local government councils coordinators held at the Nigeria Union of Journalists NUJ Press Center in Osogbo, Osun state.

“I would not agree that Nigeria is in chaos because the government has failed us but I would say confidently that Nigeria is in chaos because the youths of this nation are failing in their responsibilities as the vision carriers of the nation”.

“The youths are the ones with capacities to see vision in reference to the Holy Scripture, Joel 2:28.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish, according to the book of Proverbs chapter 29 and verse18.

” From the amalgamation of these two scriptural phrases, it is quite perceptible that the malady in this nation, which includes bloody crimes and other social vices which have brought about loss of lives and properties in this great nation, painting the federation the most corrupted of all nations of the world, erupted from nonchalance and act of irresponsibility of the youths and not the governments”.

While admonishing the new state and councils ambassadors, Ojogo asked them ‘ to represent the Foundation with all dignity and positivity, raising their flags always that Nigeria shall be the most peaceful nation in the world, the heart of Africa and the envy of the world.

She said that Nation Building “is a collective responsibility as it being the philosophy of the Foundation.

To substantiate this, she made references to Nehemiah who was not the president of his Nation yet made tangible efforts in building his nation, Jerusalem, as it was chronicled in the Book of Nehemiah.

Ojogo assured the Nigerians that “Nigeria shall be great again.

The Founder of the Believers Family Foundation beseeched the new ambassadors “to improve more in sound learning and acquisition of a definite skill to eradicate poverty and to produce an operative elixir to exterminate unemployment, which is one of the archetypes of the corrupt system in the nation.

“Until we are all engaged in a skillful activity that can help to end poverty but how to end poverty in the nation is the simplest thing to do, because God is only one who has the power to give wealth”.

“The Lord God has sent His words that Nigeria shall rise again and that her wasted places shall be healed”.

In his address, a public analysts, Jeffery Abidoye said that “Education is a different thing from certification, because you can be certified without being educated but you can’t be educated without being certified”.

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Abidoye admonished the newly inaugurated coordinator to enroll in the school of skill learning as earlier stated by Mrs Ojogo.

The newly inaugurated state coordinator, Amb. Ogundipe Segun Akinola promised that they will keep the flag flying and continue to preach the gospel that Nigeria shall rise again not minding happenings in the country.

Akinola said that better and brighter days are ahead adding that nobody should give up on Nigeria.

He lauded the President and Visionnaire of the foundation, Mrs Ojogo for her efforts to ensure that youths are truly leaders of tomorrow and that they take their destinies in their hands and make the country a better place for all and generation yet unborn.