June 21, 2024

The family of the dismissed academic staff of Osun State University, Osogbo has begged the Visitor of the institution and Governor of State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola to set up an open investigative panel to look into the serial sex allegations levelled against their son.

In a press release by the family, signed by Gbenga Ojoniyi, the family alleged the Professor Alebiosu’s fact-finding committee as being corrupt as they said he was caught on tape negotiating with Dr. Ojoniyi on why he (Dr. Ojoniyi) should go and beg members of UNIOSUN cabals which includes Professor Olukoya Ogen, Professor Akintayo, Dr. Adeleke, Dr. Omitolu and others.

Here is the full statement of the family:

A Press Release on the allegation of Sexual Harassment of Ikwe Ejiro Mercy by Dr. Ojoniyi

We the family of Dr. Ojoniyi Olabode Wale of Osun State University, Osogbo, wish to make our position known to the public, the Management and the Council of Osun State University and the Government of the State of Osun on the case involving our brother for which he was purportedly dismissed as follows:

That we have appraised the allegation as framed by the University and has been presented for the public consumption in newspapers and online publications.

That by the personal confession of the girl, Ikwe Ejiro Mercy, before the University Panels, evidence of which has already be submitted to the Council Chairman of the University, the Honourable Speaker of the State House of Assembly, and the Visitor to the University, as captured on Compaq discs, it is evident that the publications are to blackmail Dr. Ojoniyi Olabode Wale.  Ikwe Ejiro Mercy had confessed as follows against the newspapers and online publications:

That Dr. Ojoniyi has never sexually harassed her anytime.

That Dr. Ojoniyi did not teach her any course in the course of her Programme in the University.

That she did not release any video to any media, but “showed” it Dr. Amao T.A against whom Dr. Ojoniyi was a principal witness in the case of manipulation of results in Ikire for which Dr. Amao was eventually dismissed.

That contrary to Professor Olukoya Ogen’s false claim that State Security Servicemen made a video of Dr. Ojoniyi, no SSS men made any video of Dr. Ojoniyi.

That Professor Alebiosu’s led Fact-Finding committee was caught on tape trying to negotiate that Dr. Ojoniyi should settle with Professor Olukoya Ogen. They also threatened him with academic annihilation if he insists on not meeting Professor Olukoya Ogen.

That it is now evident that the University is trying to shield some powerful cabals who plotted against Dr. Ojoniyi from being properly investigated and prosecuted hence his hurried purported dismissal when the cases he officially reported against people like Professors Alebiosu, Akintayo, Olukoya Ogen, Dr. Adeleke, Dr. Omitola and their other collaborators have not be attended to.

That Dr. Ojoniyi has consistently called for full investigation of the issues above to no avail!

As a family, we are therefore calling on the Visitor to the University to set up an open panel with full media access to investigate this case in the interest of the State, truth, fairness and justice!


Signed:     Ojoniyi Olaniyi Gbenga

For the entire family.


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