June 19, 2024

The embattled Osun State University lecturer, Dr. Bode Ojoniyi, whose name came into spotlight sometimes in the year 2016 over an alleged sex scandal has spoken up about the alarming level of conspiracy and corruption ongoing in the ivory tower.

Ojoniyi made these shocking revelations in an article he wrote and sent to some social media friends. A copy of which was obtained by Insight Group.  Read the full gist here

Tell Osun State University to Brace Up!!!

“Awon agaba ni, ‘A-wi-fun-ni ko to da ni, agba ijakadi ni”

Before I left Nigeria, towards the dying period in the month of August, 2017, I wrote a letter to the Governor of the State of Osun, calling for a review of the false allegation against me by the Osun State University Management and the Council. I am still awaiting the actions of the Governor over the letter. However, I need to tell the Management and the Council of Osun State University that they have a responsibility, as a higher institution of “research”, searching for knowledge, excellence and truth, to me, to the society and to God, to come to the open and tell the whole truth about the attempt to cover up the case of the manipulation of 94 results of the 2013/2014 graduating students of the department of English and International Studies by Dr. Amao Temitayo Ayanbisi as it involves defaming my character and blackmailing me…

Osun State University Management and Council need to:

1. Tell the whole world the reason they have refused to invite Prof Olukoya Ogen who claimed that State Security Service men tracked me and made a video of me to explain his claims and reproduce the 2 State Security men that brought the said video to Prof Folorunso Kizito in Ikire in the presence of two key witnesses, Mr. Marcus Awobifa and Prof A.D. Akoh in October 2015. The reason he withdrew the said claim before the Fact-Finding Committee to then claim that it was Ikwue Ejiro Mercy that made the video. And, of course, the reason Ejiro went to Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo to give him the said video he brought to the committee!

2. Tell the whole world if Prof Christopher Alabiosu, Prof Akintayo, Dr. Adeleke and Dr. Omitola, members of the Fact-Finding Committee, were not caught on tape trying to blackmail me with a video to meet and negotiate with Prof Olukoya Ogen in order to kill the case of the manipulation of results by Dr. Amao Temitayo Ayanbisi.

3. Tell the whole world if the members of the Fact-Finding Committee did not confess to sweeping cases of manipulations of results under the carpet in their respective colleges and departments as they sought my cooperation to kill the case against Dr. Amao Temitayo Ayanbisi.

4. Tell the whole world if there was no attempt to frame-up 8 innocent souls as the culprits in the said results manipulation by the Fact-Finding Committee of Prof Christopher Alebiosu!

5. Tell the whole world if the Fact-Finding Committee did not threaten with academic stagnation if I fail to negotiate with Prof Olukoya Ogen to withdraw my evidence against Dr. Amao Temitayo Ayanbisi.

6. Tell the whole world the reason all my memos calling for the investigation of the Fact-Finding Committee, Prof Olukoya Ogen and my illegal suspension were not investigated till today!

7. Tell the whole world if Ikwue Ejiro Mercy did not tell them that I did not teach her a single course; did not at any time harass her and did not render to her any academic favour!

8. Tell the whole world if Hameed Oyegbade did not confess on UNIOSUN FORUM that Femi Makinde of Punch confessed to him that he was under pressure to defame my character and blackmail me with a false story of sexual harassment for mark!


These are the things that they Management and the Council must address before it is too late for them finally. They should know that I have documents, reports, memos and recordings… I will start my official report with NUC, to the Federal Ministry of Education, then the National Assembly to the Presidency. If I fail to get justice in those places, I will turn to CNN and Aljazeera…. Of course, by that time, if I am not blogging, Bloggers will be smiling with hot news… If they like, let them burn up my house again, steal my computer… They cannot burn down or steal google or OneDrive Clouds…

I know I have been threatened in the past… but I have made up my mind: ‘Cowards die many times before their death’… Everybody will know if I am kidnapped or killed mysteriously or anyhow, that Osun State University Management, the Council and all the named actors in the attempt to cover Dr. Amao’s crime are responsible for it… For now, I will be ‘an open sore on the conscience of a failed humanity’…


Join the campaign against Criminals in Uniosun by demanding for truth and justice with #NotoCriminalsinUniosun

‘Bode Ojoniyi, October 8, 2017

ACLS/AHP Fellow ’15 & 17/18  UG, Legon, Accra

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