June 21, 2024



In recent times many ladies seem to be in more than one relationship as some of them take to their social media accounts to seek advice from people people on who to settle down with.


Such is the case of this 25-year-old lady. She has come out to disclosed how she is in love with two men but one of them is ready for marriage while the other wants her to wait for two or three years.


The lady further revealed that the other man who wants her to wait is still serving his father’s land but needs the advice of everyone so she does not make


She said: “Am 25 years old, I have been dating this guy for over 4 years now and now another man that is serious is asking for my hand in marriage. I told my current boyfriend about it that since he is not ready and he still has a long way to go that should I go ahead and marry because time waits for no woman. Since then he has not been himself, he’s been begging me not to marry that I should wait for him for 2-3 more years and I ask him after waiting for you for 2-3 years hope he will not tell me story and he answered me that he is scared. Should I go ahead and marry or should I wait for him? He is still doing NYSC. Please I need your advice.”


Please what advice do you have for this young lady?

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