July 19, 2024

Wife of a businessman in Ibadan, Mary Gbadamosi has to Mapo Customary court that her husband, Mr. Ibrahim Gbadamosi is a “criminal, a serial pickpocket”.

The husband has approached the court for the dissolution of their 20-year old union over the allegation of infidelity and an attempt to kidnap him.

But the wife on getting to court also expressed her readiness for dissolution of the marriage but base on another allegation. Mary said that her husband has been involved in several criminal cases and hence, she does not want to be with him again.

She said “My husband is a criminal, a serial pickpocket; I did not know I am married to a thief,” divorce-seeking woman tells an Ibadan Customary Court.
“Neither Ibrahim nor his friends told me that he was a criminal until he was jailed at Ile-Oluji in Ondo State. “There was a time I sold some of my property to secure his bail until I got to know that he was a serial pickpocket. “My Lord, Ibrahim is yet to pay my bride price,” she also told the court.

Marry added:“My husband is a thief and not a businessman as he claimed. “My Lord, although, I have agreed to part ways with Ibrahim, I must reveal some `hidden truths’ about this man that calls himself a businessman. “I never knew what he was doing for a very long time and I became very uncomfortable with his lifestyle. “All I knew was that security operatives used to come and arrest him and his friends used to run from one place to another to gather money for his release.” The estranged wife said she would not object to the request of her husband for the dissolution of the marriage. “He doesn’t worth it; let him go,” Mary said.

Earlier during the court session, Ibrahim, a resident of Soka area of Ibadan, told the court that his wife let him down in his time of “trouble and persecution” and she has become a prostitute.

“This hit me like a big stick. I can confirm to this honourable court that our landlord’s younger brother impregnated her and had been sleeping with her ever since. “Moreover, Mary usually lunch attacks on me with the intention of inflicting bodily injuries or even terminating my life. “As if that was not enough, Mary and our first child conspired to kidnap my child given birth to by my second wife. “The matter was reported at the police station where they were both made to sign an undertaking never to involve in kidnapping again,” he said. Ibrahim, who said he was incarcerated for 16 months for importing contraband, alleged that Mary did not visit his shop, thereby allowing all the goods to rust. “Please, this honourable court should allow her daughter to be with her. I am ready to give her anything she wants on a monthly basis to cater for her.”

The President of the court, Mr. Ademola Odunade, while adjourning the case to Nov. 28, asked the couple to continue to be of good behaviour.



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