June 20, 2024

Tears and sympathies were what several individuals who witnessed the burning of a commercial vehicle (Korope) in front National Open University of Nigeria resorted to, Osogbo after their efforts to quench the inferno that engulfed the vehicle were fruitless.

Insight Media Correspondent who witnessed the scenario reported that 5he fire was as a result of overloading of local sponge which has rested on the silencer of the vehicle.

The heat that accumulated from the exhaust later got fire and led to an uncontrollable outbreak.

Efforts were made by several individuals to quench the outbreak but the dryness of the load proved their efforts fruitless and the whole vehicle burn down completely.

It took the service of the Osun Fire Fighters before the situation was brought under control, albeit the motor has burnt to ashes.

Here is the picture:


Local Sponge

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