July 25, 2024

Students of St. Charles High School and Ifeoluwa Middle School, both at Oke-Ayepe Osogbo on Friday ended the first term with another series of bloody clash.

The clash which occurred at about 11am in the morning recorded no injury but wrecked havoc as teachers and passers-by fled the area as they were afraid of the weapons the students were controlling at the scene.

The cause of the fight remained unknown to a larger number of the students but some suggested that it “cannot be isolated from the recent showdown between sections of the students”.

A student who pleaded anonymity told Insight Correspondent that majority of the students on the field were not from either of the school but were fight an unknown interest.

He said “Majority of those students are not from our school (St. Charles) and neither are they from Ifeoluwa. We don’t even know why they are fighting today, may be because of what happened three weeks ago”

The students of the schools have a record of clashes and this is the second bloody clash in the interval of 25 days.

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