June 21, 2024

Barr. Otobong Bob, a strong PDP contender for Nsit Ubium State constituency, has reiterated his willingness and desire to serve his people in the up coming House of Assembly election slated for 2019.

He made this known during a recent telephone interview in respect of his 2019 ambitions. In his exact words ” I am thankful and spurred by all the goodwill and enthusiasm in the build up to the elections next year. I’d like to reaffirm that I’m very ready to serve and merge our individual voices; men, women, boys and girls, into one strong voice that will bring nothing but good tidings for the people of Nsit Ubium and Akwa Ibom State as a whole.

He dismissed as untrue the insinuations in some quarters by certain politicians, who had earlier endorsed him to run for the election, that he was being imposed on the people by his father.

” As I have said across all quarters that have been gracious enough to listen, I am a man who is sound in spirit and mind to stand for an election, and I know by God’s grace I will win. Constitutionally I have the right to aspire and be voted for. It would be utterly dishonest to infer that my ambitions are not unconnected with my political background. However, exaggerating it only makes us lose sight of the things that should matter. I am a trained professional with an undeniable love for his people, with a foundational knowledge of the role of an efficient legislative representation in a healthy democracy. The goodwill that my connections with my father bring outweighs any hate or conspiracy theory. And with a legacy like his, there are little or no reason to ask why. but good I urge everyone to remain assured that my father may be a guiding light, but will not direct my thinking because I have a mind of my own”

Barr. Bob maintained that he may be new in politics, but that nobody was born a politician, but everyone learns over time, and becomes a master. He urged the youths to stand for the truth always, and shun acts that will tarnish their future, because according to him, the future belongs to the youths, who are the future leaders.

“some people who are opposing my candidacy are doing that on the grounds that am young and that my father has occupied some political positions, but interestingly, nobody was born a politician, not even my father the Senator, but everybody learnt and mastered the game over time, so I will do my best, not to disappoint my people, on whose mandate I will be riding on” . To those who have a problem with my age, I urge them to wake up and join the moving train; the avalanche has already started across world. New generation leaders are rising, the young are the future and the future is today. Time and chance, they say, happens to it all. The time has already come and it is now left to us to collectively create the chance for it to manifest by getting our voters’ cards and coming out en masse next year to vote.”

He told the youths to preach the message of unity, peace among the people, and urged them to be law abiding always, and that he promises a tenure that will be an inclusive one. We will do the work collectively, and collectively we shall reap the benefits collectively”, he said.

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