May 22, 2024


Since the creation of our dear State in 1991, Osun and Osogbo as the capital city, has never witnessed a facelift in terms of infrastructural developments like what has happened in the outgoing administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. Osogbo as a capital, is geographically located at the centre of the map of the State but it was in a sorry state and was not fit to be referred to as a State Capital until the advent of Aregbesola.

Prior to now, people often referred to Osogbo as a glorified local government. The narrative has changed through the able leadership of the Ogbeni. I often lent my voice in preaching the gains and accomplishments of Governor Aregbesola, especially to my people in Osogbo. We should be grateful to him because he has obviously surpassed the accomplishments of his predecessors by far.

Our state capital has been given a tremendous facelift. And Osogbo people have equally shown in equal measure their gratitude to Argbesola’s gesture both secretely and openly and utilize every opportunity to extol his accomplishments Ogbeni once the opportunity presents itself.

Beyond thanking him, the people of Osogbo have always been ardent supporters of Ogbeni Aregbesola and his administration by constantly throwing their weight behind any cause he embarks upon. This love and loyalty was amply demonstrated during the last gubernatorial election, Osogbo people came out enmasse to vote and handed him his second term braving the odds of heavy financial inducements, blackmail and unmatched intimidation never witnessed in the political history of Nigeria when the combined security forces were unleashed on Osun, especially Osogbo. They dared and stood firmly to vote and protect their votes. It is worthy of note that in Osogbo, Ogbeni Aregbesola had the largest crowd and votes to neutralise any votes or any consideration from anywhere in the state when numbers to swing the votes as the deciding factor.

Osogbo is indeed unique, as it boasts of the best geographical location, humongous population, intellectuals and industrialists who are exposed not just within but internationally. With all these human and material assets, Osogbo is yet to produce a Governor since 1986 when the state was created. Eminent Osogbo indigenes in time past vied for the gubernatorial slot but were unsuccessful because the time was not right for them to present themselves. It is on record that among others Dr Olu Alabi, Hon Oladimeji (aka Imole de), Dr. Oladimeji of Oroki hospital and Sen. Bayo Salami had vied for the position of Governor in the state in the past. Despite their unsuccessful outing, we must not relent as a people because the time for a son of the soil to ascend as the Governor of Osun state is now right. Kunle Rasheed Adegoke popularly called K-RAD has decided to run for the office of Governor under the platform of APC. His declaration is not accidental or ordinary but it is the timely will of God and it has been accepted by the people of the State of Osun.
The Osogbo-born politician has become a rallying point for the people of the state across party lines, Osun people in diaspora, the youths groups, the women, the religious communities, the traditional council across the State, the students, the artisans, the professionals and the labour unions among others, are preaching the radism philosophy of K-RAD.

In recent opinion polls conducted by independent bodies and articles put together by the media practitioners devoid of partisanship, the name Kunle Rasheed Adegoke has always been at forefront across party lines not because of posters and bill boards but as a result of his robust agenda for development and manifesto for the growth and progress of the State and its people.

Among the ideals that endear him to the people is an explicit road map for developments and the political goodwill for human face implementation of the programs in the area of job and wealth creation, improvement on health facilities, waste to wealth program of waste managements, building on Aregbesola’s infrastructure development by providing enabling environment and incentives that will lead to massive industrialization, job and wealth creation which will in turn lead to more revenue for the government, building on Aregbesola’s massive schools infrastructures by improving the contents of teaching and provision of teaching and learning materials. He also has an agenda for empowerment of party faithfuls, especially the women and the youths and also the party excos at all levels for them to be more useful and functional in their various personal and public assignments.

All of these have made people of the State of Osun to see him as the only ‘prepared’ and heavenly ordained who can continue successfully where Ogbeni Aregbesola will stop in November this year, hence Osogbo as a city, community and as a people must see ‘Kunle Rasheed Adegoke as their project because he has been accepted by the people of Osun across board. Go to Ife, Ila, Iwo, Ikirun, Ede, Modakeke, Ejigbo, Gbongan, Ilesa, Ilobu, Ikire, Ibokun, Okuku, Osu, Inisa, Apomu, Ifetedo, Ode Omu, Oba, Iragbiji, Ada, Garage Olode, Oogi and Ilase among other towns and cities but Osogbo needs to increase the tempo of preaching the Racism philosophy because it is our project and we should own him.

Our leaders like, but not limited to The Kabiyesi, Ataoja, Baba Tunde Badmus, Baba Omidiran, Baba Kasmo, Sen. Bayo Salami, Baba Chief Imam, all the Baales and Chiefs should be proud to have a humble, humane, dedicated, brilliant lawyer and acceptable-to-all, a son that is courageous enough to presents himself to serve the people of Osun despite the daunting tasks ahead and challenges involved. He needs our support wholly because he is up to the task. He is ready to serve and prepared to deliver.

It is our duty as Osogbo people to rally round and support him across party lines and generally to enable our town achieve this long overdue ambition of producing a Governor of the State of Osun because it has been ordained, the time is ripe, the time is now and we must not miss it.

Popoola Alabi, a member of APC in Osogbo Local Government hails from Ile Larinpo in Oke Baale area of Osogbo.

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