May 20, 2024

The attention of the concern youths of Eket state constituency, has been drawn to a misleading story published on the social media by the “theink newspaper”, managed by one Nsibiet John, in an attempt to mislead the general public, cause confusion in Eket local government, and also to blackmail the Governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel before the Eket people.

In the said report,the story claimed that Governor Udom Emmanuel denied openly the fact that he is behind the second term bid of Hon. David Lawrence, who according to the report as been going around deceiving people of the Governor’s support for his re-election, but this is total lie, from a junk newspaper and publisher, who did not attend the said meeting the Governor had with the stakeholders from Eket State constituency, where Ambassador Assam Assam, Chief Ndueso Essien and others were in attendance.

It is a complete blackmail and misinterpretation to say that Hon. David Lawrence has being going around to tell people of the Governor’s support for him, this is an antics used by desperate politicians to cause problems between the Governor and the member representing Eket State constituency, who has a close working relationship with the Governor, and one who believes in the industrialization agenda of the Governor.

At no point did the Governor made such a statement credited to him in that cut and join story that does not hold water, because as far as the zoning in Eket State constituency is concerned, all the zones have taken a full circle of representation at the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly,and the new zoning arrangement can start from any zone. That is why the Governor said that people should go and work, and prepare for the election.

The Governor was heard loud and clear, when he said that he is aware that there exist two school of thought as far the 2019 House of Assembly seat for Eket State constituency seat is concern, those who are saying that zoining favours Okon, while others insist that all the zones in the state constituency has completed a tenure at the House of Assembly and can start at any zone, for a fresh calculation.

One thing embarrassing thing the fake newspaper reporter failed to mentioned,if actually he was briefed well,is the fact that the same decision that was taken at Chief Ndueso Essien house by the stakeholders last week,that everybody should go and do their work and mobilize support for the Governor and the party,while awaiting the decision of the Congress to choose a candidate,was the same decision that was reached before the Governor.

The Governor said that he has not endorsed anybody for election, that everybody should go and work and test their popularity on the Field, because a popular candidate that will emerge will be seen as the candidate of the people and will be accepted by the party,that if he had endorsed anybody aspirant, he would not have called for the meeting.

No doubt that all the confusion and tension in Eket State constituency is caused by the political leader, Chief Ndueso Essien, who should be investigated by the security agency,on how he came about a private government documents business that China has with the State government, which he brought out before the Governor with aimed of blackmailing the member representing Eket State constituency, on how he sold Eket marks to the Chinese, which rumours has that the Governor told him to put away such a sensitive documents away,from a meeting that was about the political issues in the area,as regard zoning.

Very fortunate that a former Minister does not know that government agreement is drafted through the ministry of Justice,endorsed after the approval of the Governor, and not drafted by a legislator. So people like him does not want development to come to Eket local government, and thinks that it is easy to convinced investor to come and do business .

It is a pity how inconsistent the political leader of Eket, Chief Ndueso Essien has become, that he suddenly realise that there is zoning. In 2003 when the then member representing Eket State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Hon. Jack Udota from central,contested for a second term in office,there were no issues about zoning,that were raised,Victor from Urban,Nsima from Okon and others came out to test their popularity,even when they knew that there was zoning. So zoning does not mean that others will not come out to contest, but it is the decision of the party.

In 2011, when the Assembly seat was zoned to the Eket Urban, Jack Udota and others came out again to contest for the election, by then Chief Ndueso Essien was still the political leader of Eket and did not see the need to call for a zoning meetings at every, corner gainst the constitution of the party. It is now that he and others have suddenly realized that there is zoning in Eket, as regard the State House of Assembly seat.

2011, the likes of Ayang Ayang, Chief Ndueso Essien and others did not ask Jack Udota,who bought form and contested not to contest, that there was zoning, or even Kingsley Etop Mbre from central when he declared interest,knowing well that State Assembly seat was zonned to Urban. That was even when the all the zones did not take their turn of representation at the Assembly,unlike now that all the zones have completed a circle of zoning,and can start from any clan.

2011, Chief Ndueso Essien conducted a mock election at his residence, and even those that were not favoured by zoning were among those that participated, today he is causing confusion with his zoining preaching ,just because he has an anointed candidate that he wants to imposed on the people,who is not popular.

It is very obvious that all these campaign of calumny lunched by Chief Ndueso Essien, Ayang Ayang and others to preach zoning to Okon, is just for Ayang and Akpadiaha Ebitu’s selfish interest, who are lobbying to be appointed a commissioners, from Urban. His fear is that if the House of Assembly seat is retained in Urban, he won’t get the appointment. That is how selfish some politicians can be without considering the representation that will favour the majority of the people.

Concern youths of Eket State Constituency, will resit any attempt by mischief makers to cause tension in the local government, by trying to drag the Governor to the mud,by some paid journalist, whose papers are not even widely read to mislead the public with falsehood.

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