April 17, 2024

Taking to heart the situations surrounding the relief of Rev. Richard Peters of his position as a Reverend in the African Church, it is observed that they are not fair on the judgment. This is so because Rev. Peters’ relief is not backed up or supported by the Church constitution and this is totally against the Church standard.

There are many Reverends in the African Church who are politicians but are not embarrassed the way Rev. Peters is embarrassed and insulted. In the last two local government elections, a Bishop in the African Church contested as a local government chairman and failed but was not relieved of his position in the Church. In Nsit Ubium LGA, a Minister contested a councillorship position and failed but still was not relieved of his position. Why is Rev. Peters’ case different? Is it because he speaks against irrational political interests, partisanship and unfair APC journalism as practiced by even some members of the African Church? If yes, is the Church fair?

Reverend Richard Peters has never been in support of an opposition party in the state, he’s always seen supporting the government of the state and the PDP and being against him is directly proportional to being against the PDP and the Udom Emmanuel led administration. The Rev. has sacrificed a lot outside the visible ones. He’s been galvanizing one support or the other just in a bid to contributing his quota to the support and success of the government of the day.

It has been discovered also that the African Church has 60% of its members as members of and apologists of the APC, an opposition party in the state and this was, from the onset, glaringly dangerous for Rev. Peters. It is not totally shocking according to Rev. Peters because he saw it coming but it is rather unfortunate as the Bishop could not follow the constitutional and liturgical principle of judging issues in the African Church but rather resorted to an unlawful and irrational procedure out of pressure from APC apologists in the Church and this questions the morality and piety of the Bishop.

When a thing of this sort takes place in a Church; a place that should be known always for correction and guidance, it becomes a thing of confusion and dismay. The Church has in this case, tampered with the fundamental right of an individual; right to freedom of speech and expression. But is rather too obviously sentimental because there are numerous Bishops, Reverends and Ministers in the African Church who are politicians but are not embarrassed and insulted as in the case of Rev. Peters.

In Christendom, almost all the denominations have their Ministers, Pastors, Bishops, Reverends, Apostles, Elders, etc. in politics but are not embarrassed and insulted. The likes of Bishop Cletus Bassey is very relevant in politics. He prayed and ordained Chief God’swill Akpabio and he won as the governor of state and as long adopted and galvanized support for Gov. Udom for his second term ambition. Other great Fathers of faith are seen doing same but are not insulted. Gov. Udom has been endorsed by the Christian society of the state. So what makes Christianity against politics? The question now is, ‘is the African Church for or against PDP and the Udom Emmanuel led government?’

Does it mean that the African Church does not appreciate all that the Government has done for them as two of its members was given appointments and others elected as Chairmen and councillors of their respective local government areas and wards?
Since it is now clear that the war is between APC and the PDP , it is high time the PDP arose and took actions before it enters other denominations.

Rev. Richard’s voice is that of justice and fairness and he has not committed any crime or sin and so, his voice must not be silenced. Therefore, concerned and well meaning citizens should therefore rise and say no to this injustice and embarrassing judgment from the African Church.
Rev. Richard did not steal, he didn’t sleep with anybody’s wife neither did he fight with anybody and should be exonerated. He must not be deprived of his right to speak.

If the Church was fair on its judgment, it should have followed due process and summoned Rev. Peters or called him to order by playing an advisory role. And for not doing all of that, the Church is sentimental and barbaric in its judgment and it is highly condemnable. I say no to this injustice.

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