April 14, 2024

i. Persons who studied in Nigeria should bring to camp: Degree/HND Certificates or Statement of Results, Personal Identity Card from Institution of graduation.

Foreign graduates should bring for verification, original copies of ALL their uploaded credentials and travel documents including International passport.

ii. Foreign graduates are to ensure that academic paper(s) in Languages other than English must be translated into English accordingly; both versions must be presented for verification at the camp.

iii. Medical/veterinary Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists Nurses and Public Environmental Health graduates should bring their professional licenses or certificates of full registration issued by their professional bodies.

iv. Come with your serving plate, towel and other necessary materials for your personal use.

v. PCM are not allowed to come with knife, cutlass and other weapons to the orientation camp.


NOTE: PCM only need four passport photographs of either white or red background and not both.

PCMs do not need more than two copies of each of their documents.


Insight Media says Congratulations to all the Prospective Corps Members and wishes them pleasant camping experience.

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