April 14, 2024

When I was in primary school, I had seniors. We looked up to them because they were way other than us- not even minding their academic excellence. Why? Almost all of them had intimidating physiques.

Fast-forward to now, I do frequently meet with two of my seniors whom we attended the same primary school.
Each time I met with them, one of them will always collect out of my scarcely available resources- money. He’s a street Urchin(Omo ita)
While the other one will always give me out of his limited resources- money. He’s a banker.

Notably, the ‘street urchin’ senior was used to taking my friend and me to the school’s backyard and set us into fighting. While the one who turned out to be a banker was, then, our ‘senior boy’- their features were pointers of their future.

Moral: where will you be in the next few years to come? Remember, prompt preparation prevents poor performance.
Work and walk yourself to success.

I’m Folorunso Fatai Adisa
I’m #ThatUnilorinBoy

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