July 19, 2024

”Your goal choose your mentor , your focus choose your feelings, your success is determined by what you choose to ignore.”- WISDOM PALACE.

The icing on the cake on this topic will be much anticipated by taking us briefly through the Biography of Dr. Oluranti Adekunle which is a ready made product for the progress of Osun Central Senatorial district.

Oluranti Emmanuel Adekunle was born in Ibadan to the family of Mr Ezekiel Oyewole Adekunle and Mrs Esther Adekunle of Ora, Ifedayo local Government on 20/3/1958.

DOA enjoyed his education at a tender age, He had his primary school education in 3 primary schools in old Western region and Kwara state. Being the son of a teacher, regular transfer from one school to another was the order of the day.

He had his secondary education in Government College Ibadan from 1970-74, he also attended Ibadan Polytechnic for his “A” level in 1974-1976. He had his first degree in Medicine MBSS from University College Hospital Ibadan in 1982. Graduated as a medical doctor in 1982. He also, had his internship at at University of Ife Teaching Hospital Ile Ife.

Dr Oluranti Adekunle (DOA) , was called to serve his Nation (NYSC 1983-1984) in Imo state where he set up a staff clinic at National Horticultural research Institute Okigwe. And Today, the clinic serves not only the members of staff of the research Institute but also the community around the Institute.

After his NYSC, DOA worked with Oyo state Government in General Hospital Oyo after his internship 1985-1988

His love for education made him proceeded for a Post graduate training at Thomas Jefferson University Teaching Hospital in Philadelphia USA, in 1993, Dr Oluranti Adekunle is a fellow Institute of Ultrasound of Thomas Jefferson university Hospital Philadelphia USA. He set up his private practice in Portharcourt . Scanners ultrasound diagnostic Ltd, He is currently the country representative of a manufacturing company Medispec based in Maryland United states of America that manufactures medical devices for non invasive treatment, using shock wave technology.

Dr Oluranti Adekunle DOA also established a transport company (INTEGRITY Express) Dr. Oluranti Adekunle also engaged himself in farming and he established ADEKUNLE FARMS LTD in Oyo state farm settlement .

Now, Dr. Oluranti Adekunle who is a technocrat and philanthropist aspiring to be the Senator that will be representing Osun Central Senatorial district in 2019 at the Red Chamber in Abuja, so that he can be able to do more for his people in his constituency as usual in a balanced manner .

Dr Oluranti Adekunle is highly desiring to represent his people at National Assembly Abuja, Since his days in the University of Ibadan, and he was among the students representative council when he was in University of Ibadan, he was also a member of the Senate when he was in College of Medicine University Teaching Hospital Ibadan. he is ready to make himself available for quality representation of Osun Central district in the National Assembly. Dr Oluranti Adekunle is ready to work assiduously to promote health over diseases, education over ignorance ,food over famine by engaging the farmers in Osun Central Senatorial district, he believes there should be open channel of communication between elected representatives and electorates .

Over the years we have found that the our elected representatives do not have ability and we bestowed on to them authority, its time to bestow authority on those who have ability, so that we do not have cognitive disconnect as we have today. For a senatorial constituency to develop, succeeding representative must continue from where the predecessor stopped and sustain all structures and agitate for the resources that are beneficial to his constituency from the Federal Government.

Dr. Oluranti Adekunle DOA is a dynamic and an ardent progressive character with good charisma and integrity.

DOA of course will be the best choice in this regard as he has a clear vision and good mission for Osun central. He is also equipped with concise agenda and unique programmes that will beneficial to all and sundry in Osun central senatorial district.

Dr. Oluranti Adekunle is a ready made product with special commitments to Youths empowerment and general humanity development.

He is a ready made product with basic understanding of how things work.

He is a ready made product to upgrade the glorious pride of Osun central.

Support Dr. Oluranti Adekunle DOA.
For SENATOR 2019 & Beyond, Osun Central senatorial district.

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