May 23, 2024

The Alliance for New Nigeria, Osun state chapter, has debunked the rumour that it is working for the victory of another party in the forthcoming governorship election in the state.

The party described as embarrassing the assertion that a registered party will be working for the victory of another registered party.

A statement by its State Coordinator, Architect Victor Oludara Abioye stated that ANN is a party of technocrats, runs its own manifestos and has a constitution that goes in concord with the Nigerian constitution and electoral acts and shall not surrender or abandon its vision to align with any political party.

Abidoye also narrated the ordeals of members of his party in the hand of some politicians who are hell bent to score cheap political points.

He said, “I wish to clear the air on some cheap political propagandas being circulated around the political spectrums IN Osun State by some unscrupulous elements/politicians.

“Like I was asked “they said your party ANN is working for APC” my answer was NO. Few hours later another call came in “Hello Architect I was told that the party you coordinate in Osun State is alined with PDP” my response was NO.

“Few weeks ago, one of our able members and aspirant was accused at a public event that he was working for another politician in another party,” he continued.

Abidoye used the opportunity to enjoin young individuals in the state to join the party and be party of the history his party will soon make in Osun.

“ANN as a party is Open to and welcomes all Nigerians young, old, learned or unskilled, male and female as long as they share our ideology, and are ready to work towards the building of a New Nigeria as enshrined in our party’s manifesto and constitution. It’s a shame that these people are not ready to change their old ways. Some said we are not serious, Isn’t it a sign of madness if we all keep doing the same thing, the exact same way, yet expecting different results? They should be tired of those antics and games by now.

He also assured present and prospective members of transparency and egalitarianism.

“Neither I nor any of my executive members and even any of our members in working for or holding brief for another political party or any political godfather.
Looking at Nigeria at this stage of Her’s, any one who has experienced how governance is delivered responsibly in other climes would know that the reason for this stunted growth of ours as a country is as a result of greed, highhandedness, and lack of clear vision by Leaders.

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