July 18, 2024

The fear of fear, they say, gifts one with failure. Similarly, a popular maxim goes that a cowardly person dies two times or before his death.

AS ROMA, an Italian Club that successfully coasted to the next phase of the UEFA Champion’s league yesterday is a microcosm of a number of us as humans. How? In what follows, I shall briefly explain.

Roma was the dark horse in its game against Almighty Barcelona. The Army of fine players paraded by Barca and their intimidating dossiers of skills are enough to send shudder down any team’s spine.

Roma subscribed to fear. They played very well, yet, miscalculation seemed to be the order of the day. They scored against their own team and it became analogous to a snake that bit itself to death in protection of itself against the termite.

Beastly Barcelona rejoiced. Who will rescue Roma? Brilliantly, Roma recoiled and retraced its steps against the second leg.

Gobsmackingly, Roma faced its fear and fazed it. They were resilient. Barca bared its fang against Roma but it refused to be a fan of fears. In the end, Roma emerged victorious.

Importantly, a number of us are like Roma. We nurse the fear of failing. We project the shame that will accompany our failure if we failed. The calculation and projection take away our precious time that could have been appropriately channelled to studying the challenges before us and how best to tackle it. Roma has proven to us that no challenge is too enormous to overcome.

You may not be the student with the sharpest brain in your class, yet, that doesn’t mean you can not defeat the one with the sharpest brain. Yours may not be sharp, but constant and diligent studying will gift you with the desired result.

While overconfidence, laxity and late preparation may place the student with the sharpest brain behind you.

Cumulatively, always remember that Prompt Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Be like Roma. Be Resilient and you’ll have a good Result

Good morning. Chums.
I’m Folorunso Fatai Adisa
I’m ThatUnilorinBoy

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