July 25, 2024

I’m writing not in response to a FÉMI (want me) who we do not FÉ ( want) nor to a FÀNÍ that has brought no ÀNFÀNÍ (no benefit) to the Yoruba race neither am I writing to a KÁYÒDÉ (bring joy) that has brought no AYÒ (joy), instead he is one of the fewest yoruba that has brought us shame through his bad representation of what our race and tribe stands for, he should pls channel his outspokenness to the law court where he is answering to the criminal case before him because that’s where it is needed at least for now MR OJÚYOBÓ the looter / OLÈ.

I’m definitely writing as a traditional Chief of high ranking who has visited more than 100 Palaces from the North to the South and from the East to the West side of the country, on this note I’m writing to give you reasons why the OLUWO is one of the fewest monarchs in this country that other rulers must emulate.

Firstly, Oba Abdul-Rosheed Adewale Akanbi Ilufemiloye is one of the fewest Kings of high rank and influence whose palace is very accessible and open to everyone of all social levels, either physically challenged or not, poor or rich, male or female, short or tall, indigine or not, black or white, name all the levels you have, in the palace of the OLUWO after passing through the necessary security check you’d see the Oba Ilufemiloye rightly seated with a beautiful smile welcoming you as if he had been expecting you long ago, he’s always ready to listen, argue, educate and most importantly give you a royal advice and prayers after the conversation. How many of our Kings today are this accessible? Most are only accessible to eminent personalities and not to average citizens. I wonder who now becomes the ruler of the less privileged and less influential people of the kingdom. Most of our Kings today are now Social dignitaries and Social representatives of their Kingdoms.

OLUWO’s deep sense of responsibility to/for his people is another imperial example to all other imperial majesties. The King who is always taking responsibility of whatever challenge his people might be facing never awaits the government intervention before individually seeking for temporary or permanent solution to it. Examples of such was when he brought in SARS operatives when the life and properties of his flocks were threatened by criminals, same was when the King from his private fund financed the rehabilitation of IWO/OSHOGBO road and other such bad roads within his community. These are just two of so many examples. Again how many of our wealthy Kings are doing this?…. just a few?

Thirdly, our dear OLUWO is a revolutionary leader and ruler who is leading the race to foster peace and unity among all Nigerians of all diversities, it is true that when the leader is closer to the lead, such a leader will be able to relate with them, in nearness and closeness to the people is the sole reason Oba Telu 1 said he bears all the names and titles a King is called in whatever language. English calls God, Arabs-Allah, Yoruba- Olorun, Oluwa, Chineke, Ubangiji, oritshe etc are the names called God, does this change the position of God as the omnipotent? Absolute No! Rather that we can speak to God in our language makes us very free with HIM.

Imagine how the people of these tribes would feel when in their midst if the OLUWO is introduced as the Eze Ndi’Yoruba, Emir, Oba, Atah, Olu, King, Ovie etc, people from these tribes would see him as one of them and as such they will be ready to listen to him and obey his calls. Oluwo is hereby through this movement and revolution preaching this among all his Royal colleagues as he believes they are the first and paramount agent of peace and unity.

Oba Abdul-Rosheed Adewale in his sagacity and tenacity is also a foremost King in this part of the world that is highly discriminating against using of human for ritual or spiritual divination as practiced in the days of old as he believes this is against the will of God and that of mankind.
Have you heard of or seen the TELU JEANS that is made from ÒFÌ? Don’t worry that’s a topic for another day.

With this short epistle and verses I believe you now know why the OLUWO is an Imperial Example and A Royalty In The Highest Majesty.
Let’s I forget, someone should please tell that boy called FFK that “ará ilé rè tó bú Oba níjósí se ni ó gbó kú bíi ajá, ekìlò fún òhun náà kí o maa lo ko bíi àkùko òwúrò”
Meaning – tell FFK that his predecessor that insulted an Oba barked till death, advise him not to trod that path or else he might crow like a cock when it’s 4am…… .

Long live OLUWO of IWOLAND!
Long live Emir of Yoruba!
Long live Igwe/Eze Ndi’Yoruba!
Long live the Ata of Yoruba!
Long live Olu of Yoruba!
Long live the King of Iwoland!
Long may you reign Oba Abdul-Rosheed Adewale Akanbi Ilufemiloye
[ TELU 1, Oba alase lori gbogbo orisa].

© Chief Awosusi George Abbey Obayoriade
( The Obayoriade of Emure-ile, Owo Kingdom)

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