July 25, 2024

It is no more outlandish that professor ‘Knackers’ abound in our tertiary institutions. As a matter of fact, this disturbing development is fast becoming a norm.

Lecturers who are fond of doctoring grades form a huge part of the hydra-headed monsters that have been plaguing our underdeveloped educational system. How? They are murderers of scholarship and enablers of academic laxity.

Equally, lazy students are their aiders and abettors. Male students with fat accounts are infamous for buying grades with ‘cool’ cash. While buxom young ladies with curvaceous bodies are regular visitors to their offices and beds in exchange for grades.

Dismally and dispiritingly, this trend has failed to come to an end. Rather, it keeps being on the increase yearly.

The news making the rounds is that of one supposedly professor in Obafemi Awolowo University who insisted on having a carnal knowledge of a student of his for five times before awarding her a ‘B’ or ‘C’ grade in a subject she had failed.

First, it is an injustice on the part of a student who had diligently studied to win himself a good grade. While someone pleasurably and lazily hit same grade.

Second, chaos upsurges when a mother becomes a murderer. Is it not appalling when a person employed to instill value in a child turns out to be the ‘distiller’ of value from such child? A father-figure turned wolf- and began to devour his child. Where’s conscience? Where’s humanity?

Notably, as it is worthy to condemn the devilish act that was perpetrated by professor ‘knacker’, equally, it is important to upbraid the lazy student. It will be a herculean task to take advantage of a brilliant student. If she had done her assignment properly, she mayn’t have been a prey to the predacious professor.

In sum, the long arm of law should handle the professor. He shouldn’t go scot-free. He should serve as deterrent to others in the business of student-lecurer lecherousness.

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