July 25, 2024

Bimbo Daramola, one of the governorship aspirants in the All Progressives Congress (APC) primary election in Ekiti state, has debunked the reports that there was conspiracy against Kayode Fayemi, minister of mines and steel development.

Reacting to the inconclusive poll, the Minister accused Daramola and Special Adviser in political matters to the President Senator Babafemi Ojudu of been the masterminds of the mayhem, tagging them too desperate.

Dismissing Fayemi’s claim, Daramola described it as a mere assumption that only exist in Fayemi’s mind.

“Nobody brought even one ballot paper out to show that it had been sorted and this candidate is closing in on victory,” he said in an interview.

“I don’t think that is correct. People were voting, casting their ballots. I am not too sure of any box that people had brought out the paper and began to identify who has got the greater number of ballots.”

Asked to comment on the challenges of the day, he said: “Don’t forget that something will have to trigger something.

One of the things that happened today was that the rain started falling and then it took one hour twenty minutes for the rain to stop.

“When the rain started the whole of people infiltrated this arena and that cut down on the number of people… don’t forget that this arena is actually supposed to be a world away from people and when people took advantage of the rains to run under the arena, that process was compromised.

“And then, if anybody blames us, my appeal to you will be to ask the agents of the party what happened. The party allowed us to have three or four agents and then why didn’t they mention anybody else. I am not going to speak for anybody. There is no reason to conspire against Dr Fayemi. If Dr Fayemi beats everybody under a free and fair atmosphere, we are going to support him, we’d back him.”

Bimbo Daramola added that he can’t go desperate in his quest to serve the people.

“I have suffered in this party and just as the party gave me the leverage to touch peoples lives positively during my four year stay at the National Assembly. So I won’t destroy the party I toiled hard to build. I won’t go desperate. The party’s ethos is in my DNA.

“But let’s put this in the right perspective. I am not too sure that any ballot box had been sorted and counted, but what I am sure about was the heist that was going on and eagled eyed agents pick the perpetrators.

“Who was passing JKF notes around? Who was paying voters right there?” Daramola queried.

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