July 25, 2024

Otunba Kolawole Yemisi Oladeji, a governorship aspirant under the platform of Social Democratic Party in Osun 2018 gubernatorial poll has revealed that Osun state may collapse if technocrat and economic guru do not take over this year and that he remains the best candidate to solve the present ‘administrative problems’ face the state.

Speaking with InsightMedia in Osogbo, the Iresi-born politician revealed that his agenda is a ‘strategy for organic change’ that will transform all spheres of peoples’ lives ranging from economy, education, health and youths emancipation.

“Some of these politicians just make noise up and down. They don’t even know the state they want to govern. We conducted a three-year research and it showed that if someone with a deep economic knowledge doesn’t come, this state may collapse. What we say is that I know the problem and the solutions are right there in our manifestoes.

“How would a state survive with federal allocation alone? The present government owns both its creditors and workers. Where is that done? Diversification is our priority and sectors like tourism, agriculture and mineral resources are going to be the alternatives”, he added.

“Talking about emancipation of the youths, we have developed a blueprint where job share will be introduced into the economy. This is the first of its kind in Nigeria. In this state we look at the attribute of the people and we have considered that youths presently are not in the economy of the state and we will address that with job sharing formula where two people will be doing job belonging to one person and the remaining hours will be spent on entrepreneurship. This will make them so creative and productive. The future of our young individuals should not be put on voodoo economy; we need to put it on realism”.

Reacting to the much-talked about Osun west marginalization, Oladeji said, “It is true they have been marginalized but this is down to the insensitiveness of the past and present administration. In term of land mass, Osun west has the largest and no road, or other social amenity in that zone is good. But the fact is that the present hiccup is beyond compensation of a zone. We have a critical issue at hand and only SDP can solve it. We will address their marginalization by providing what they currently lack.

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