February 28, 2024
Oyetola and Adeleke

Counting down to the Inauguration ceremony of the Governor-Elect, Sen. Ademola Adeleke, The Osun Masterminds has commended the effort of the outgoing Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola for handling State’s affairs perfectly for the past four years.

The group under the leadership of Dr. Wasiu Oyedokun-Alli during the November edition of state of the state address on Monday.

“We particularly commend the Governor’s frugal management of the State’s very scarce resources to ensure full payment of salaries, settlement of a sizeable amount of pension arrears, implement lots of developmental policies especially in education and still do commendably well with infrastructural development. As professionals ourselves, we understand Osun’s situation and thus appreciate the Governor’s success at managing expectations with almost nonexistent resources”, the group said.

He added that the group has been the watch dog over the past four years of his administration and they understand how Oyetola met the state when he took over in 2018.

“We are aware and fully understand the precarious state he met Osun, particularly at the brink of insolvency and irredeemable indebtedness. We understand the burden of civil service distrust that he inherited. We also understand the critical situation he met the State’s education system and other parts of the State’s life” he said.

Dr Oyedokun-Alli advised Sen. Adeleke to surround himself with only people who are willing to serve the State and people with professional records of accomplishments.

He said “this is not a time to spend State’s resources on “job for the boys” as Osun presently requires the touch of seasoned administrators who can take the State from here to the point of bliss it should be”.

He urged Adeleke to continue the good legacies of the Oyetola and build smooth working relationship with the APC in the State House of Assembly

“The incoming Governor must not allow bitterness around him such that he will attempt to discontinue the good legacies of his predecessor. He must continue policies of the outgoing government that are pro-people and only seek to deliver optimal results with them. Government is a continuum and thus, policies must be sustained for the greater good”.

“He should ensure that he builds a smooth working relationship with the APC-dominated State House of Assembly that he will inherit. The events that happen in some States where Governors mess with the independence of the State Assembly to force through their own leadership must not be allowed in Osun. The incoming Governor must coexist peacefully with the State Assembly to achieve good results.”

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