Night clubbers harass our wives, daughters – Residents of Ibadan cry for help


Residents of Bodija Estate in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, have cried to the State Government to urgently intervene to salvage the threats posed by night clubbers in the area before it escalate to security challenge.

The residents in a statement by their spokesperson, Yekinni Jide on Saturday said they can no longer sleep due to noise from many night clubs in the area. They also accused the clubbers of harassing their wives and daughters.

They also said they most times, find it difficult to move freely in and outside of the houses from 9pm to 4am because the clubbers park cars indiscriminately on both sides of the road and any other available spaces, obstructing movement.

The residents urged the Oyo State Housing Corporation to address likely security breaches in the estate.

He said: “We are miffed by the development in Bodija Estate as residents. And we think it is time to speak up for the public and maybe the governor to know what we are facing. We know that the ‘conversion’ of Bodija Estate to commercial plots did not start today. We believe that we are in a changing world.

“That was why we decided to be quiet when the Oyo State Housing Corporation started giving approval for nightclubs. Most times, our wives and daughters have been harassed by clubbers. We have had to wait, for several hours, to enter our various homes because someone has used his car to block our entrance.

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“In the last few days, we have not been able to sleep. If it is not the many speakers hung everywhere at these numerous clubs, the way they park their cars have become a source of worry for us.

“We cannot continue this way. We want the government and the approving agency to do something. We may be force to take the legal option. Good, night clubs have been approved against the rule setting up the estate. But there should be regulations about how they operate.

“We are not in local areas; our lives shouldn’t be endangered by these people,” he said.

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