Osun Lion’s Club District marks World Paediatric Cancer Day with patients at UNIOSUNTH


As every 15th of February marks The World Paediatric Cancer Day all over the world, the international Association of Lion’s club, district 404B-2, Nigeria (Osun Axis) took the bull by the horn by paying a courtesy visit to the Chief Medical Director of UNIOSUN Teaching Hospital, Professor Peter Olaitan to celebrate the the Day.

The Club also engaged in Financial assistance to paediatric cancer patients on bed at the paediatric patients ward in the hospital.

The District Governor, Lion Ishaq Kayode Oshinuga explains how Lion club resurrected from the grassroot and also the reason behind his club activities to mark the World Cancer Day.


Oshinuga added that Lion’s Club is one of the organizations that has continued to endear itself to service to humanity.

He highlighted some projects undertaken by Lion’s club, which one of them is Health centre at the State Specialist Hospital, Asubiaro while one was also sited at the UNIOSUN Teaching Hospital.

He pressed further on the reasons behind Lion’s interest in paediatric cancer among other cancers that are very rampant.

Oshinuga said, ” we have decided to identify with these people because we realized that the attention of the medical society, even the entire world is often lost on this children. Many are aware of other forms of cancer, most especially, the one affecting adult but very few people are giving attention to the children. This is why the Lion international, after a survey decided to take this bold step as one of our global assignment.”

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He continued by explaining how ignorant majority are by treating Paediatric cancer patients with levity hand, and also how parents aren’t conscious of the right steps to take when the symptoms surface.

” So our focus is to draw attention to people, let people know that actually, children can contact cancer, and early prevention like every other ailment will save alot of time” the lion’s Governor added.

He reiterate that majority of this Children paediatric cancer patients do not survive it, stating that but is so because those children are being treated at the terminal level or stages for professionals to try their best, which in most times do not work out.

In his response, the CMD of UTH commended the organization for the “thoughtful visitation and moved.”

He continued by commending Lion’s club former impact and project in UTH osogbo which he would really like to appeal to look at it so as to get the project sorted out.

“Honestly speaking I’m really encouraged and I wish I was a Lion but there’s a lot on the table for me, so I couldn’t, and adding this will be another challenge for me,” the CMD digressed.

Prof. Peter also reiterate on issue of Paediatric cancer, and he confirms that everything the Lion’s Governor said is definitely right. “It’s not the kind of cancer we usually speak about but kills a lot and unfortunately most parents Dont see the problems when it start,because most of their symptoms are not painful ones,until it becomes incurable” CMD Peter pressed further.

He also emphasized on the impact of their awareness as something which everyone should be involved, especially health institutions.

“I’ve witnessed a child who was 3weeks old and developed a cancer, because the child was born by HIV positive woman and the child was infected while in womb”

After the visitation to the CMD office, Lion’s club proceeded to Paediatric surgery ward where children who were infected were receiving treatment.

It became an emotional outing when an 15-year-old girl, whose parents have abandoned over the inability to pay the medical bills. The Club made donations while some members of the association promised to ensure the girl is treated and her medical bills paid.

Lion’s club ended their World paediatric cancer day movement by engaging media awareness with the press men, calling on them to ensure they (journalists) drive the message to the grassroots.

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